Upload and Download scripts for Amazon Glacier

These are simple utilities to upload and load files to Amazon's glacier data storage service.
Uploading files to Glacier isn't quite as simple as using FTP or SCP, the very useful boto library handles the complexity here and my scripts just wrap around that. Please be aware that it takes around 4 hours to pull files from glacier. This is by design, Glacier is meant for cheap, reliable, and long term storage. Please consider these scripts proof of concept, i.e. they need WAY more error checking for serious use.

  • Upload script upload_file_to_glacier.
  • Download script download_file_from_glacier.
  • You will also need the boto python module, version 2.8 or higher.

    Invoke the upload script with: ./upload_file_to_glacier filename
    (And safely store the returned archive ID!)

    Invoke the download script with: ./download_file_from_glacier archive_ID filename