Thinkpad fan control daemon

This is a fairly simple fan control daemon to control the fan speed on a thinkpad R61i laptop. This will likely work with other Lenovo laptops.
Please note that this daemon slows the fan down from it's default speed. This will increase your risk of overheating and I take no responsibility for any damage to your laptop this may cause. I've been using this without incident for years but understand this may violate your warranty and/or reduce the life span of your laptop.

  • Download thinkpad-R61i-fancontrold
  • You will also need to insert the thinkpad_acpi linux kernel module with option "fan_control=1".
    Invoke with: ./thinkpad-R61i-fancontrold (or add it to a boot script.)

    Please note that Lenovo do not recommend reducing your fan speed from default.